2019 Thanksgiving Reflections

collage2 As 2019 winds down... and 2020 winds up... This past year is full of good family memories... from football games... to dance shows... to water parks... to concerts... to zip lining... life together is good! My mantra this year is: 'It's ALL good - in the present moment - even if it's NOT!' - which reflects the truth that life is about learning how to live above our circumstances. Life is about saying "Yes" to loving each other, our neighbors and even our enemies more day-by day and year-by-year!

Yes! I'm thankful for my family - Having youngest daughter Braida back in our lives this year has been a huge blessing. After a three and a half year interruption, I see more clearly why absence really does make the heart grow fonder. This is also true of beloved family members no longer with us, such as my mother Virginia and oldest grandson Cole. Somehow, by the miracle of grace, we grow to love those no longer with us more day-by-day. May I learn to practice daily being more present to the needs and the dreams of my wonderful family!

Yes! I'm thankful for my work - 'If you enjoy your job, you never really work a day of your life,' as the old saying goes. This is true for me. Each day begins as a blank computer screen, awaiting the inspiration of emerging economic trends worthy to be shared with Swiss America readers at swissamerica.com. 2020 will mark my 33rd year of doing my best to explain why physical gold and silver are real money and everything else is a money substitute. The Swiss America family has grown and changed a lot over the decades, but their commitment to excellence remains constant.

Yes! I'm thankful for a growing circle of mentors - We all need people in our life to help point us toward what really matters and is most valuable to pass on to the next generation. This year I have been blessed to learn from many gifted authors and mystics such as; Richard Rohr, Barbara Brown Taylor, Parker J. Palmer, Matthew Fox, Henri Nouwen, Eckart Tolle, Rami Shapiro, Ken Wilbur, Annie Dillard, Phyllis Tickle, Brene Brown, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Chip Conley... and more - which I often attempt to pass on to others via book reviews and song lyrics posted at myideafactory.net.

Yes! 2020 promises to be a year full of big changes... perhaps even a crossover moment in history! "Only within the confines of our own hearts is the strength of the link between religion and politics that will determine the quality of our politics and the authenticity of our religion," writes Joan Chittister in 'The Time is Now: An Uncommon Courage'. Put another way, "It is a spiritual journey which connects us intrinsically to the presence of God, whose love yearns to save and transform the world." -Wes Granberg-Michaelson, 'From Mysticism to Politics'. [quotes are from cac.org daily devotionals 2019]. I feel strongly that in 2020 we are on the brink of something... great! - God Bless!


David M. Bradshaw

Phoenix, Arizona


Communicating the vision, product or service of my clients via innovative marketing strategies that will expand market share using multimedia.

My Idea Factory

Marketing and public relations development for Swiss America Trading Corporation, a Phoenix-based national investment firm specializing in U.S. gold and silver coins. My primary responsibility is producing direct response leads via radio, television and Internet advertising and PR campaigns.

Proficient in all aspects of radio and television broadcast production including; scriptwriting, narration, on-air talent, direction, video/audio taping production, post-production editing and ad placement. Concept and placement of all print advertising, brochures, Special Reports and press releases.

Copywriting responsibilities for "Real Money Perspectives" economic newsletter and daily financial new blog. Responsible for all Internet site development including concept, content, editing, graphics, networking and content for SwissAmerica.com. Weekly e-mail to 100,000 subscribers of SwissAmerica.com and Scouting new radio/TV spokespeople.

In 2013 I launched Primelifers.org a website dedicated to helping baby boomers discover their true calling in the second half of life. It features relevant book reviews and links to online resources to get 're-inspired' - whether or not they ever decide to 'retire' - that is; "withdraw from action or danger."