David M. Bradshaw

Phoenix, Az 85016

Multi-Media Writer/Producer/Marketer

Communicating the vision, product or service of my clients via innovative marketing strategies that will expand market share using multimedia.

My Idea Factory LLC

Marketing and public relations development for Swiss America Trading Corporation, a Phoenix-based investment firm specializing in certified U.S. gold and silver coins. My primary responsibility is producing direct response leads via print, radio, television and Internet advertising and PR campaigns. Proficient in all aspects of radio and television broadcast production including; script writing, narration, on-air talent, direction, video/audio taping production, post-production editing (Media 100) and ad placement. Concept and placement of all print advertising (in Quark Express), brochures, Special Reports and press releases. Copywriting responsibilities for "Real Money Perspectives" bi-monthly economic newsletter. Responsible for all Internet site development including concept, content, editing, graphics, networking and content for these websites; BuyCoin.com SwissAmerica.com OurTimestv.com and True-Wealth.com. Weekly e-mail to 20,000 free subscribers of BuyCoin.com. Scouting new radio/TV spokespeople.

Recent Accomplishments
My latest radio project is producing a 3-minute daily feature entitled TRUE WEALTH, which is simulcast on the web and KKLA in Southern California beginning May 1, 2000. National syndication of TRUE WEALTH is scheduled to begin in Fall 2000. My latest television broadcast project, OUR TIMES is a weekly television program that will launch Sept. 2, 2000 in 40 markets. My latest TV ad campaign, entitled GOLDEN TREASURES, is a unique, multi-media ad campaign spotlighting U.S. Gold Commemorative coins began airing in January 2000 and is posted on the SwissAmerica.com website, along with an eight-page Research Report that I wrote to support and validate this unique investment opportunity. Radio spots began airing nationally in April 2000 that are voiced by Pat Boone and Wink Martindale.

Between Fall of 1997 and January 2000, I served as Research Director for Swiss America's Year 2000 National Educational Taskforce (Y2KNET). This non-profit, grassroots coalition (which I co-founded with Swiss America) worked closely with the American Red Cross and FEMA to produce several free educational resources on family disaster preparation. In the Spring of 1998, I produced "Y2KCPR," a multi-media resource (48-page magazine and audio CD) based on six months of in-depth research. The resource featured twelve basic steps of emergency preparation and articles written by fifteen national leaders, including U.S. Senator Robert Bennett (R-UT) and the President's Y2K Czar, John Koskinen. By Fall of 1999, over 750,000 copies were distributed to the public free of charge (not including Internet downloads).

In February of 1999, I began production of a documentary video entitled "Preparing Wisely for the Next Millennium," based on a Phoenix Town Hall meeting I organized with 2,500 attendees and 25 speakers. The video featured clips with over 40 national leaders from government, business, and non-profit organizations, teaching about personal responsibility and community service in preparation for the year 2000. Preparing Wisely received excellent reviews and Y2KNET released it in July of 1999 free to the public. Preparing Wisely was the only Y2K video featured in 5,000 Blockbuster Video stores as a free rental in the Community Service section. It is still on the shelves.

Between Summer and Fall of 1999, excerpts of "Preparing Wisely" aired nationally on CNN, PBS, PAX, and TBN television networks to help calm public fear over the "Y2K" computer bug. Between 1/98 and 12/99, I scheduled media interviews for Swiss America's president Craig Smith on; CNN, CNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, TNT, PAX, TBN, as well as scores of national and local talk radio broadcasts. The Y2KNET campaign increased Swiss America's prospect base by over 100,000 names and resulted in a 30% sales increase over the previous two-year period. The overall benefit of the campaign was increased national exposure for the sponsor.

Bradshaw & Associates LLC

Marketing and public relations development and implementation for two primary clients: Swiss America and Open Church Ministries, a non-profit Christian organization based in Colorado Springs. I organized two national tours for Open Church Ministries and developed a national "Economic Solutions" seminar tour for Swiss America. I co-hosted several national live talk-radio broadcasts in both short and long format. Responsible for production of all print, radio and Internet marketing support materials.

I produced two educational audio-print resources: "The Future Church," and "The Warfare Series" for national distribution through Open Church Min.

In 1995 I produced The Warfare Series, a 16-hour audio resource with excerpts of Swiss America radio broadcasts that aired live between 1988 and 1995. The Warfare Series features over 100 leaders discussing ideological, legal and financial trends in the next century. It was designed to educate Americans about their religious, constitutional and free-market heritage. A companion Study Guide was then produced to enhance the learning experience, emphasize key principles and network the listener to a broad base of resources for further study. I am presently updating the series for future re-release.

In 1993, Open Church Ministries commissioned me to produce The Future Church to compliment their flagship best-selling book, "The Open Church." The subject of this resource is restoring Christianity to an interactive, laity-driven family of participants rather than a passive, clergy-driven audience. I then produced a 30-minute radio special with excerpts entitled "Christianity in a New Key," which aired on over 100 Christian radio stations free of charge in both short and long format. Open Church Ministries founder, James Rutz commissioned me to schedule him on scores of Christian radio and TV broadcasts i.e., The 700 Club, Praise the Lord and USA Network.